PS Media Talent's Commitment


 We customize packages to create a new brand campaign for your company.

 We analyze your company’s mission to tailor your hashtag movements and to bring awareness through coupling the right talent with your movement.

 Connecting is our specialty so take advantage of the rolodex that we have to offer.

 Solutions are key to any campaign therefore our planning involves connecting you to sources and services that move your company forward.

We’ve helped local and national Non-Profits w/ Press, Events, Sponsorship & Fundraising


Media Outlets We Pitch To Obtain ( 1 Million+ Impressions for Press Releases)

media outlets

Why Choose Us

Media Placement

PS Media Talent creates pitch campaigns for our clients to be interviewed.

Non-Traditional Media Placement

We couple targeted Non-Traditional Media w/ Interactive Marketing to enhance impact.
Example: Blog Placements & Non-traditional exposure

Traditional Media Placement

We couple targeted Traditional Media w/ Interactive Marketing to enhance impact.

Digital World #hashtag Movements

Marketing in a digital world, is all about reaching your audience with the mediums that make them feel a part of the organization.

Interactive Opportunities for Audiences

Marketing is now Interactive, the more you involve your targeted demographic & Niche Markets( Christian, Cross-Over & Cultural) directly affects sales & reaches other countries.

Coupling Charities with EVENTS

Customized CAUSES+ Cultural Awareness Forums + Sponsorship for Industry Connected Events

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