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What PS Media Talent Can Do For YOU!

Welcome, to PS Media Talent Pr & Management! We connect you to services, businesses, and companies while making your life easier. If you are a celebrity or a small business owner PS Media Talent will connect you to the right service to assist you in achieving your goals.
Based in Los Angeles, PS Media Talent has helped many individuals, companies, and celebrities attain success while keeping their integrity and goals in tact.

We look forward to serving you.


Francis Perdue

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PS Media Talent Mission

Clients within PS Media Talent are satisfied with the Trifecta Plan. Connecting to the goal of the client, planning, and connecting to key players makes for the perfect plans for growing individuals and businesses. We have cornered a trifecta specific plan that includes: life coaching for individuals, integrated marketing plans for businesses and organizations plus an actual connector service that can assist in attaining goals for clients.

The Try Focus Series

Our Mission for the “TRY FOCUS SERIES” is to provide an unpretentious way for people to congregate and create long lasting relationships in an elegant environment.

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